Our Achievements

But I must explain to you that all these false ideas about denouncing ecstasy and glorifying pain actually arose, and I will show you the details to discover the truth and basis of that human happiness. No one rejects, hates, or avoids the feeling of happiness, but thanks to these people who do not realize that happiness must To feel it in a more rational and logical way, this exposes them to facing painful circumstances, and I repeat that there is no one who desires love and attaining success and takes pleasure in pain. Pain is pain, but as a result of certain circumstances, happiness may lie in the toil and sorrow that we endure.

I will show a living example of this: Who among us has not endured strenuous physical effort except in order to obtain an advantage or benefit? But who has the right to criticize someone who wanted to feel happiness that was not marred by painful consequences, or someone who wanted to avoid pain that might result in some pleasure? On the other hand, we denounce and deplore those men who are mesmerized by the ecstasy of the moment, lost in their desires, and do not realize the inevitable pain and sorrow that follow. The blame also includes those who fail in their duties as a result of their weak will, and it is equal to those who avoid and refrain from enduring toil and pain.