Al Fajr Group

Our Medical Team

Our medical team's goals are to provide patient-centered care, enhance collaboration, ensure effective communication, and continually improve healthcare delivery. First, patient-centered care is the cornerstone, aiming to meet the patient's individual needs, preferences and well-being. This includes comprehensive diagnosis, evidence-based treatment and compassionate support.

General Medicine Clinic

The clinic provides preventive and primary care for common medical problems, as well as providing early diagnosis services for diseases, and referral to a specialized consultant when needed, as our medical complex includes

Kids Clinic

The clinic provides the highest level of prevention, diagnosis and treatment by a pediatrician specially qualified to deal with children Flexibility, fun and comfort, as well as a comprehensive medical examination for children and newborns

Dental clinic

The clinic meets all patients’ requirements related to oral and dental care at the hands of doctors specialized in filling operations Internal treatment of root canals, bridges, crowns and external onlays

Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic

The clinic includes doctors specialized in monitoring pregnancy, performing all preventive and therapeutic examinations, and diagnosing gynecological diseases In addition to periodic follow-up of the mother to ensure that she returns to normal

Internal Medicine Clinic

The clinic provides a range of specialized services through an internal medicine specialist, including treatment of high blood pressure and low blood pressure Blood pressure, diagnosis and treatment of diabetes and glandular diseases, diagnosis

Heart Clinic

The clinic is equipped with the latest heart measuring devices, through which it provides a group of specialized quality services through a cardiologist, such as regular EKG, stress EKG, and waves.

Nose And Ear Clinic

A clinic equipped with the latest endoscopic devices and provides services for endoscopic examination of the nose and sinuses, endoscopic examination of the larynx, removal of a foreign body from the nose, ear, and pharynx, and cauterization.